Amy Thomas has a decade of organizing experience. She started A Home for Everything in 2000.

Prior to organizing, Amy taught elementary school for 7 years.  Her teaching experience included leading seminars at region-wide conferences, training teachers how to more efficiently oragnize their classrooms. 

Amy recently earned a Master's Degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Project Managment.

Organizing Experience At-A-Glance: Amy was named Awesome Entrepreneur by La Femme Magazine  (October 2002).
Amy developed a novel estate inventory methodology. The implementation was met with such great success that the approach was featured in the House and Home section of the Kansas City Star (January 2006).  
She was also consulted for a story: Cutting the Cord for the Kansas City Star (January 2007)
Amy recently worked with Simran Sethi and has been featured in her blog series on Oprah:  (2010)